13 tips to make your social media posts better

1. Use rich media to get more attention

Share images and videos of your products or people using your products will make you more engaged which will generate more attention for your services. Keep your posts concise and to the point to maximize your level of engagement with new and loyal customers.

2. Link to your website

Increase traffic by sharing links to your website. Customize your post such that it provides a title, description, and image or video to help clients recognize your business more easily.

3. Create engaging conversations

Engage with your audience by asking them to share their opinions and provide feedback for what you can improve on or what is working really well for your products and services. Showing your customers that you value their opinions is a great way to build a loyal client base.

4. Keep a regular dialogue going

Staying in touch with your customers can be done by creating timely discussions around specific topics. Planning these daily, weekly, or monthly discussions will not only keep your clients engaged, but it will also help ensure that you are constantly connected with your clients and it will ensure you do not miss any major business events and news.

5. Plan your posts

Manage your time more efficiently by planning your posts ahead of time. This ensures that your posts are relevant to any current events or holidays, and also so that they are posted at peak online traffic times. Additionally, planning your posts ahead of time allows you to focus more on running your business successfully and meeting client needs at those peak times instead of having to focus on marketing your products or services.

6. Stay current with the times

Keep your posts relevant to current holidays and events to keep your audience engaged. Offer special discounts or sneak peak promotions for holidays and events, such as graduation events, Memorial Day weekend promotions, and other holiday sales. Be sure to also stay engaged with your audience by responding to their comments or questions – people will be more likely to stay with your business if they feel their concerns are valued.

7. Keep your customers excited with special discounts and promos

Drive your sales and build your loyal client base by offering special discounts and promotions, such as BOGOS (buy-one-get-one) and discounts for a limited time that are over 20%. Include relevant links or promotional codes in your posts, along with important details such as redemption details and expiration dates.

8. Reward your loyal customers

Keep your customers engaged by offering exclusive promotions to loyal customers or to customers that help spread the word about your business. Make them feel valued by sharing select product news, contests, and events, such as exclusive product preview events and giveaways.

9. Reward new customers

Reward new customers in a similar way that you would reward loyal customers. Offer new customers a special “Welcome” by giving them an exclusive new member discount on their first purchase or a free trial for your services.

10. Direct your posts

Direct your posts to specific groups of people that you believe will benefit most from your products or services. Whether your post targets specific age groups, genders, interests, or location; keeping your posts relevant to a target audience will bring more traffic to your site and help boost your sales.

11. Choose the right platform

Select the host site that will best suit your needs, as well as a site that allows others to share your posts to people they are connected to. These types of sites include Facebook, Google+, and Reddit.

12. Keep it professional

On social media, there will often be people that will post irrelevant or rude comments. Do not entertain these folk and politely disregard their comment or remove their post as long as it is not relevant to your business. However, if it is a displeased customer then be courteous and address their concern and ensure them that you will resolve the issue in a timely manner. This will also show other customers that you genuinely are concerned about the quality of your product or service.

13. Measure the quality of your posts

Review how your website or business performs after creating posts to see which type of post works really well for you and which ones do not. For example, measure how well your business is doing or how well specific products sell around which holidays, events, or special discounts and promotions that you run. Use this information to keep up your business’s momentum and maximize your volume when you run these types of events or promotions in the future.


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